Victoria Roman

Yoga Instructor

Growing up in California and spending her summers in Florida, Victoria found a deep love and understanding for nature and the constant changes of life itself.

Practicing yoga for over 5 years and striving to live by a yogic path, Victoria found herself through this ancient practice of healing and meditation, and ever since has watched her mindset and wellbeing transform as she gained a new perspective on how she chooses to interpret and live her life. She has always had a passion to share it with others, and after moving to FL in 2018 she was determined to take that next step and received her 200 hour certification from Wendy Fit in early 2022. Victoria believes that yoga is much more than just a physical exercise, and her goal is to spread awareness of the origins of yoga as well as the many other physical, mental, and spiritual aspects that yoga has to offer. Since beginning her teaching journey, Victoria has found that the styles she loves to teach the most range from Vinyasa and Hatha yoga to slow restorative and gentle yoga, as she feels “sometimes, less is more”, and often we find there is more space for healing when the body and mind learn to slow down and dive deeper into the connection we all share.

We never stop learning in life, and Victoria is committed to continuously expanding her knowledge of yoga and deepening her practices and abilities to teach it to others so that they might benefit in their own way and discover the light on their own path.

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