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First Time Students

30 days of unlimited classes​ for only $50 

(regularly $130)

New Student Special can only be purchased in the studio. Please call or stop in for this deal.

(Package includes one (1) aerial yoga or TRX Suspension training class)

Studio has Re-Opened

We are doing everything possible to make you all feel save and ready to re-start your fitness regime. Call us if you have any concerns or comments before you come into the studio.

We are very excited to get the green light to re-open our Yoga and Pilates classes in a limited setting. The health and safety of our students, teachers, and staff is our number one priority. We have established a rigorous cleaning schedule and organized our class schedule to focus on making our students feel safe, while enjoying the benefits of Yoga and Pilates.

Not comfortable returning to the studio? Don’t worry! We will still live stream all classes virtually via Zoom. This will be a gradual re-opening and want everyone coming to the studio to get the most out of their Wendy Fit experience. We are also working with our partner ©MINDBODY to enhance your online experience in the near future with both live-streaming and On-Demand options.

The following procedures have been established for our in-studio classes:

  • Pre-registration for in-studio classes is required via Wendy Fit website, Wendy Fit App, or by calling the studio (classes are limited to 10 students).
  • Please arrive 10 min prior to your class.
  • We encourage you to bring your own props if you have them.
  • There are designated spots where you will place your yoga mat.
  • All Students must sanitize hands before entering yoga room
  • At the end of class, all students will be asked to exit studio from the rear door (courtyard door)if there is a class coming in. This will help reduce congestion. You will see signage indicating the entrance and exit doors.
  • Please limit the amount of personal items you bring into the studio.

How to Register for Virtual Classes

Pre-registration for virtual classes is required.  You must have a valid email in your Wendy Fit account.

  1. Go to our Wendy Fit website or use our Wendy Fit App to sign up for a virtual class. You will see (Virtual Class) next to the class name. By registering for any class, you agree to our release of liability and waiver.
  2. We will send you an email with the information you need to access your virtual class.
  3. Click on the link in the email on your computer or mobile device 10-15 minutes before the designated class time. Make sure your display name is your full name (first and last). You will be sent to a virtual waiting area within Zoom until the class video begins. Our staff will check you in once you connect and are routed to the virtual waiting room.
  4. Enjoy live streaming of your favorite class with your favorite teachers from the comfort of your h-OM-e.

Before You Join Your First Virtual Online Class

For the best experience, you’ll want to test your connection and devices with the Zoom mobile and desktop apps prior to attending your first virtual class with us.

Go to to get started.

Suggestions to enhance your Virtual Studio Experience…

  • Create a space for yourself where you can roll out your mat, have a strong WiFi signal, and minimal background noise.
  • Place your screen and mat so you can best see the teacher and/or their demo student in a variety of postures.
  • Music is now part of the video feed so please give us a call if the sound is to loud or quite to ensure teacher’s voice is heard clearly.

It’s a good idea to have some props close by:

  • A blanket or towel  (or two or three if it’s a restorative class) to sit on or to cover yourself
  • A yoga block or two – typically around 9 inches in length, 5 inches in width, and 4 inches in height. Your bookshelf or closet are good places to look for an alternative.
  • A yoga strap – you can use a robe belt, a leather belt or a towel.
  • An eye pillow or hand towel to place over your eyes during Savasana can also be really nice!
Most important, relax and have fun!

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This is a great time to find ways to stay active and healthy. Join our online yoga classes! We’re so grateful for the support we’ve felt as we negotiate this new terrain. Share your feedback with us. How does it feel to practice at home? What do you miss most about the studio?

We are now offering
all classes online.

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go to our Class Schedule page.