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Wendy Fit | Pilates Group Class | Dunedin,FL

There are no contracts or memberships fees.

All levels of practice are invited from beginner to the more advanced.

Wendy Fit is open 7 days a week with morning, afternoon and evening times available.

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Wendy Fit Yoga and Pilates is a wellness center offering a variety of classes for all levels.

Yoga will clear the mind, strengthen the body and balance the soul. Our studio has certified yoga teachers to help with body awareness, show you how your mind and body work together and advise you how to deal with stress along with other self destructive habits. We are a sanctuary for health and healing for your mind and body.

Wendy Fit Yoga and Pilates Studio also has certified personal trainers to meet your individual needs. Come in for a visit and see our complete strength training studio offering the latest in functional training, weight management and a full studio of Pilates apparatus. The Reformer, MVe Chair and Trapeze Table are designed to work you from the inside out, top to bottom, and front to back. This equipment has been used in rehabilitating injuries for centuries. Experience a non-impact workout using springs and an individual’s body weight as resistance. You will feel the changes happening in your body within the first few training’s.

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This is a great time to find ways to stay active and healthy. Join our online yoga classes! We’re so grateful for the support we’ve felt as we negotiate this new terrain. Share your feedback with us. How does it feel to practice at home? What do you miss most about the studio?

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