Class Descriptions: Pilates


Pilates Cardio Circuit with TRX

This class is a type of “interval training,” meaning it combines cardio elements that make you sweat with resistance training to build lean muscles. This class is designed to push your physical limits and give you a cardio boost in a safe yet effective way. Pilates focuses on proper body alignment, technique, and posture based on the basic Joseph Pilates’ exercise method. Please bring sneakers for this class

Pilates Mat (Classical)

Learn the basics and quickly gain strength and confidence in the Pilates method!  Closely following the method as Joseph Pilates originally intended, we focus on the strengthening and lengthening of core muscles to create better posture and more stability in the body.  This class uses little to no props.

Pilates Plus

Learn the basics and quickly gain strength and confidence in the Pilates method. We focus on core stability, posture, lengthening and strengthening of muscles.  This class utilizes props like small and big Pilates balls, the fitness circle and foam rollers. These exercises are adaptable to all fitness levels.


This class will begin with a Barre workout and transition to the Mat to incorporate the work of Joseph Pilates. Pilates focuses on engaging the mind & body. Every exercise is performed with an attention to breath and proper form. Pilates strengthens your core and improves balance & flexibility, while decreasing stress.

Barre is an impact free workout that focuses on core control, in addition to strengthening and sculpting the body. Light weights, props and ones own body weight, in addition to the use of the ballet barre, are used to sculpt and tone your body. An emphasis on stretching after working each muscle group helps to improve posture, flexibility and reduce risk to injury. No dance background is needed, as this is a fitness based class.

Pilates Reformer Classes

Anyone can join this class to experience the amazing Pilates equipment. There are limited reformers so appointments are required. This class is great for all levels of fitness and even better for those of you that have injuries and cannot do hard physical exercise. Professional athletes and circus acrobatics train on this equipment, so it is also strength training, injury prevention & rehabilitation.

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