Wendy Santiago

Yoga, Pilates, Aerial and Personal Trainer

Wendy is the owner of Wendy Fit Yoga, Pilates and Personal Training Studio in Dunedin Florida. Wendy is a YA certified yoga teacher and -ERYT 500-hour teacher. WendyFit Academy is a certified 200-hour Teacher Training School since 2001. She fell in love with the practice of yoga in the early 80’s and became a certified Yoga instructor. Her passion for health and wellness took her quickly to Clinical Rehab work. The demand for Yoga as a tool for injury prevention and rehabilitation inspired her to continue her education in Iyengar methods for proper alignment.  Wendy began working with Special Needs clients to assist in rehabilitating from injuries and surgery. Becoming a certified Pilates Instructor and using the apparatus to assist in rehabilitating and/or preventing clients from injury was the perfect combination to take her to the next level in the industry. She has presented at several Health and Fitness Expo’s and National Yoga Conventions over the past 20 years. In 2000 Time Warner Network, which later became Bright House Networks, began airing “Yoga for the Healthy Mind and Body” which Wendy hosts wherever Brighthouse syndicates. Wendy graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of South Florida College in 1981

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