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Yogalates is a fusion practice of “East meets West,” because it merges the ancient Indian practice of yoga with the Western practice of Pilates. It combines the yogic focus on enhanced mind & body awareness, strength, stamina, flexibility and balance with Pilates techniques to improve posture and create a strong, stable foundation for movement. Yogalates is believed to be particularly effective for improving muscle tone, developing a slimmer, stronger physique and even weight loss.

Yogalates is a type of exercise inspired by yoga and Pilates, as its name suggests. It is said to harness the physical and mental benefits of both practices, and its advocates describe it as a comprehensive exercise system. It is described as an evolving method, which continually adapts in the face of new research and methodology to ensure functional movement and whole-body health.

Wendy’s variation of the perfect combination of Yoga and Pilates mixes the core strength needed in Pilates to the popular yoga postures that may look like a Pilates exercise but just have a different thought that completely changes the work from an intense core and abdominal strength work to an amazing stretch. Some exercises may require the use of props such as a foam roller, resistance bands and weights to intensify the effect. Yogalates will also feature breathing exercises, guided mindfulness and relaxation. Wendy has a strong focus on alignment to get the most out of each exercise safely.

INSTRUCTOR: Wendy Santiago

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