Yoga Philosophy

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Yoga is more than just the poses. Yoga philosophy is the heartbeat of the overall yoga practice.

Join Barney Chapman for Yoga Philosophy which is a crucial part of the yoga practice that helps you understand the layers of yoga. There are eight limbs that he will take you through to prepare you for teaching yoga or just to learn why this is such a powerful practice for health & wellness.

Before we dive into the full details of what’s included in this course, let’s talk about who this course is really for…

You love hearing about the stories behind the yoga poses and you enjoy those moments before, during, or after class when your yoga teacher shares a special bit of wisdom. Or, you’ve heard that there’s way more to yoga than just the movement and the breathing and you want to learn what it is or where to begin.

Whether you…

 ✨ Are a student of yoga and want to know more about the philosophy and the ancient texts and teachings

 ✨ Are a teacher looking to dive deeper into the philosophy behind the practice that you love so much

 ✨ Love all things yoga and want to continue to lean as much as you can

You’re in the right place and we’re so excited to provide you with a course that takes you deeper into the teachings of yoga philosophy in an incredibly accessible and engaging way.

• Unveiling the Opportunities and Potentials to Peace presented in a way that helps one to have an understanding of the goal of yoga and what yoga is offering and how to incorporate it into your daily life.
• An overview of the guidelines to help establish a foundation from which to build formulate & gauge your personal practice.
• Deepen your experience on how yoga can become a lifestyle so that it supports a wider vision of practice. Alien your practice to the essence of these ancient teachings.
Cost: Early Bird $35 $40 at the door
INSTRUCTOR: Barney Chapman
INVESTMENT: $35 Early Bird $40 at the door

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