Yoga for Working Through Tough Emotions

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Cost $30

Friday June 26, 2020 2:00-3:30 pm

This year has been tough. We have been living through a worldwide pandemic, political and social unrest and change along with building tension in anticipation of a pivotal election. No matter which stance we take as individuals, we have all experienced increased stress in the face of uncertainty. Let Ashley Help…..

Join her for a 90 minute workshop to help work through the difficult emotions that come with the discomfort of uncertainty & change. Ashley will show you ways to use breathing techniques to activate the body’s energy centers, mantras and movement to acknowledge each level of consciousness and release tension held in various areas of the body. The course will also help you bring peace and calmness back into your life through meditation.

This amazing workshop will be offered virtually and in studio.  Call to sign up now. If you are joining virtually, you will be able to interact with the instructor as if you were in the studio.

The workshop is for all levels. Participants may wish to bring a journal.

Course Length: approximately 1 hr 45 min



Ashley Hinds



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