Using Your Dreams to Understand Reality

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This workshop is in-person or virtually.

John Robinson, the facilitator with, will discuss the importance of your dreams as a source of valuable information. Understanding your dreams helps you understand the Law of Attraction. Prepare to share a dream with the group. This is important in understanding the “hidden” meanings and messages.

-Become Aware of the extent to which dreams have impacted civilizations throughout history up until the present day.

-Learn how to record and interpret your own dreams.

-Discover how your own personal dream symbolism works.

-Explore the inner reality of your subjective dream world and become aware of the vast creativity of your own dreams.

-Understand how nighttime dreams, life dreams and goals are connected. Don’t miss this amazing workshop, call now to hold your spot and come in with a few dreams that may be reoccurring or ones that you have had that you want explained.


INSTRUCTOR: John Robinson
INVESTMENT: Donation class

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