Kinesiology: The Body as the Subconscious

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How our body handles stress

When an original traumatic event occurs the body “records” the event automatically and subconsciously with no mental effort or awareness. The recording can be filed away as neutral, positive or negative at the time of the experience. Typically, if the body interprets the event as neutral or positive, no pattern is stored that would cause a future trigger. However, if the event is interpreted by the autonomic nervous system as threatening or unsafe experience, the event is stored in the body and limbic system and can act as a future trigger. With energy psychology techniques and kinesiology these stuck/chronic patterns and triggers can be located and released with ease.
For example, a person is overly sensitive to any form of corrective feedback at work. They may consciously recognize feedback is a necessary part of their job, but if they don’t receive a perfect performance review they become upset to the point that it affects the quality of their life and their job performance for several days or weeks. They may even tell themselves to “get over it” but they can’t seem to move on. This indicates a nonconscious trigger that is interfering with an individual’s quality of life.


An greater connection between the body and the emotions as more is learned about the human energy system. Loosely speaking the space where body and emotions connect is in the human energy field. This field is both in and around the body.
Come learn about your energy system and see how these counterproductive patterns can be released from the body.
Kinesiology (muscle testing) will be used to demonstrate:

  • How a person is impacted by thought and intention of self and others
  • Understanding how the body knows what is true and untrue
  • Techniques how old injuries/pains can be located and released.

This is a brief but powerful workshop to open your mind to new ideas and thoughts that have the potential to create more happiness and health in your life! Hope to see you there!

INSTRUCTOR: Traci Dobrev is owner of Connection Point Coaching (, which provides individuals with knowledge and insight into how the mind and body create beliefs and patterns of behavior that influence your choices and performance. Traci facilitates journeys out of ineffective patterns that keep individuals and organizations feeling stuck and into energizing solutions is at the core of what she does and committed her life to do. Qualifications
  • Ed S & MA – University of Florida
  • BA – Florida Atlantic University
  • NCC Nationally Certified Counselor
  • BCC Board Certified Coach
INVESTMENT: Cost: Early Bird $30  At the Door $35

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