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CPR Class has been cancelled. We will notify you once it is rescheduled



In any accredited CPR training class, you will learn the most up-to-date guidelines for performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR. Your course will teach you the proper way to perform CPR skills such as chest compressions and rescue breathing. Depending on the course, you may learn how to perform adult, child, and infant CPR, or focus specifically on adult CPR.

Periodically, the American Heart Association updates its CPR guidelines, so it is always important to keep your certification fresh.

Dale Cheatham will be teaching this course. The certification course is condensed into a 2 hour class providing hands on instruction in adult, child, infant CPR and Basic First Aid and AED (Automated External Defibrillator). Class meets OSHA regulations and American Heart Association Standards. All necessary materials will be provided. Each student will receive a CPR Certification card at the end of the course.

What Do You Learn in CPR/ First Aid Classes?
  • CPR. …
  • How to use an AED. …
  • How to identify the signs of cardiac arrest. …
  • How to help someone who is choking. …
  • First Aid Basics. …
  • How to help in medical emergencies. …
  • When and how to notify EMS. …
  • How to measure and respond to environmental concerns

$30 to renew CPR            $45 for CPR & First Aid                        No credit cards Please

More Information on your course:

Your course materials will include instructions on how to correctly identify the signs of cardiac arrest. According to the American Heart Association, each year more than 350,000 Americans die of cardiac arrest. The AHA explains that “If performed immediately, CPR can double or triple the chance of survival from an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.”

The benefits of recognizing cardiac arrest and being able to act immediately are very clear. That’s why this material is a key element in CPR certification classes.

You will learn how to help someone who is choking. From identifying the signs of choking, to the proper method of performing the Heimlich Maneuver when it’s appropriate, your CPR class will help you save lives.

The class includes instructions on infant and child CPR, you will also learn alternatives to the Heimlich Maneuver that are appropriate for very small children.

First Aid Basics

Many CPR classes will include a basic first aid certification, and more advanced classes may include a Basic Life Saving (BLS) certification as well. Here are just a few of the things you will learn in your class.


Your course will help you to know what to do to help in the event of a fall, a car accident, a broken bone, or another type of traumatic event. You will even learn how to help in the event of an amputation, injury to the head and neck, and more.


You will learn about ways to help if someone is bleeding. This may include the correct application of a tourniquet, when and how to apply direct pressure, and more. Additionally, your course will discuss bloodborne pathogens, and discuss ways to keep yourself and others safe.

Animal attacks

You will learn the basic ways to help in case of an animal attack including dog bites, bee/wasp stings, spider bites, snake bites, or wild animal attacks.


You will be introduced to basic first aid for burns, including how to identify the degree of burn, and how to appropriately intervene.


You will learn how to identify and help in the case of poisoning. This might range from accidental ingestion to chemical events, but your class will help you to know how to help.

In your CPR class, you will learn how to help in a medical emergency. The preparedness you gain from high-quality information and course materials will make it possible for you to stay calm in the face of a medical emergency.

Other items Dale will talk about:

Fire/ smoke

Chemical leaks

Risk of explosion

Danger of collapse

Downed electrical wires

Road traffic

Gathering crowds

Potential for additional danger

This CPR training course should give you the information you need to feel confident and ready if an emergency arises. You will learn the responsibilities of those who are certified to perform CPR and first aid, and the laws that protect them.

INSTRUCTOR: Dale Cheatham
2-hour Certification
1st Hour CPR
2nd Hour First Aid
CPR only – $35
CPR + First Aid – $45

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