Class Descriptions: Yoga


Alignment Yoga

A variation created by BKS Iyengar emphasizing the development of strength, stamina, flexibility and balance, as well as concentration and meditation. Iyengar yoga is useful in physical therapy because it assists in the manipulation of inflexible or injured areas.
Anyone first starting yoga should go through an alignment class to insure proper alignment before moving into a class that may not stop or even slow down to talk about proper form in order to now get injured.  The instructor starts with breath work and sitting stretches to release the tension in tight muscles before moving on to stretch the weak ones. Utilizing props like the foam roller, blocks, straps and the wall to help with proper alignment of the body. We practice standing poses to continue to stretch and strengthen the back and hips, eventually, resting in a restorative pose for meditation.

Beginner Yoga

This class is for students who are new to yoga. The instructor will focus on fundamental body alignment, awareness, building strength, balance and flexibility with a mindful approach or if you wish to refresh one or more elements of your practice. Students will learn how to apply various breathing techniques, guided / non-guided meditation and introduction to basic postures that can be applied in day to day life.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha is a practice where the root and essence of various postures are explored through alignment, breath, gentle flowing movements and meditation. This style is like the ‘tree trunk’ of all yoga, combining certain characteristics of all the other branches. Open to all levels, with some previous yoga experience.

Gentle Yoga

Learn the basics of stretches that help calm the mind along with techniques on how to meditate. Begin to see past your “chattering” mind, and let go of stress. Great for anxiety, fatigue, depression and much more. Tune out distraction, reduce stress and increase self- awareness in this meditation class. Breathing exercise will help you quiet your mind and restorative yoga poses will help bring healing and rejuvenation to your body. Whether it is to spiritually uplift yourself, or to overcome stress, this class will help you achieve peace with your inner self enabling you to focus on your goals through guided meditation. This is a great class for beginners or anyone recuperating from injury.


Students enjoy this class as it teaches the body transformation from the Pilates method utilizing small hand weights into the many benefits from using a barre,countertop or even chair to create balance, grace and flexibility. It is a very instructional class with personal attention on alignment for optimal training results. This form of exercise focuses on our many muscle groups, pulses them to an edge and then immediately applies resistant stretching.. Students that come regularly, quickly lean down and tone up with this precise method. Expect to feel lighter, leaner and taller.

Power Yoga

A free-form version of Ashtanga, Power Yoga is a unique combination of dynamic breathing and strong, flowing movement which creates a high-heat, high-energy workout that balances and heals the body, clarifies the mind and reconnects us with our spirit. Recommended for students that have taken yoga before. You will enjoy using your body for strength training while also creating more flexibility and working up a sweat.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa means to flow or connect each posture with a breath. This type of yoga is a vigorous series of postures linked with movement that will open and cleanse your body, strengthen and lengthen your muscles, and calm, soothe, and open your mind.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is a form of yoga that seeks to achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation with the aid of props. The use of props makes it easier for you to maintain balance while you are stimulating and relaxing your body.

Warm Yoga Flow

Warm Yoga is performed in a heated room (85-90 degrees) because of the benefits it offers the body. Heat allows the muscles to ease through their full range of motion. Heat improves circulation and metabolism and strengthens the cardiovascular system. Sweating aids in detoxifying the body and rejuvenates the skin. The slow flow of postures makes this appealing for all ages and levels of fitness.

Yoga Basics

Basics/beginner is a great place to start. It will introduce you to the fundamentals of Hatha yoga including, pranayama breath control, the eight limbs of yoga, meditation, calming the mind, and basic asana. Yoga basics will create a solid foundation for you to move up to the more advanced classes. Beginner introduces you to the fundamentals of alignment and breath work in a flow of postures.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is usually consists of a series of long-held, passive floor poses that mainly work the lower part of the body – the hips, pelvis, inner thighs, lower spine. These areas are especially rich in connective tissues.

Benefits of a regular Yin yoga practice:

  • Calms and balances the mind and body
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Increases circulation
  • Improves flexibility
  • Releases fascia and improves joint mobility
  • Balances the internal organs and improves the flow of chi or prana

Yoga for Stress & Injury Prevention

This class is great for people new to yoga and/or with limited range of motion and/or physical restrictions. If you are rehabbing after surgery or trying to prolong your health, strength and flexibility to avoid surgery, This class incorporates the foam roller to release tension, poses to detox the body and many types of breathing techniques to help with anxiety and stress. Learn how to calm the mind, breathe and distress after a long day. It’s a great way to transition from a busy day to a calming night, ready for a restful sleep.

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