Tony Hernandez

Licensed Massage & Neuromuscular Therapist MA81238

Tony Hernandez came us from Southwestern Illinois with wife Priscilla and their two dogs. He is the previous owner of Inner Peace Massage Therapy Center with Priscilla in Missouri and Illinois.

Tony has extensive training in Myofascial release and trigger point therapy along with regular and deep tissue massage. He is available 6 days a week. Just call for an appointment.

If you prefer a female, Claudia Kapelowitz is one of the best therapists in the area. She is available with a bit more notice.

Valentina Leone

Yoga Instructor

YOGA started as a passionate hobby and has became Valentina’s Dharma since her completion of 300 hours of Yoga Teacher Training in 2018. She successfully completed Level One Journey into Power Training in June 2019 at the Baptiste Institute. 

Yoga is a growing and learning experience, where the body finds new paths and opens up to a new perspective of Life.

Valentina’s teaching skills range from Power Yoga to Yin Restorative Yoga, where strength and ease are differently balanced and reached.

Valentina’s motto is “Only in the darkness, can you see the stars.”

Lucy Gong

Growing up in Shanghai exposed me to a deeply spiritual part of my culture at an early age.
I believe my practice helps me stay grounded in those roots and spirituality.

In 2016 after moving to my new home in the United States I started my regular practice at Flow Hot Yoga in Vancouver WA. After a while Yoga Instructing became my primary focus. In June, 2018, I was honored to receive my first 200 RYT. This was a life changing event I will cherish forever.

I believe through my training and experience I have gained more insight into yoga and proper alignment through the 26 Bikram’s Hatha postures.

I am extremely excited and encouraged by the therapeutic benefits of yoga. The benefits of yoga on the knee’s, back, joint, and shoulder pain are measurable. I personally suffered from excruciating shoulder pain that lasted for years until I began regular Yoga practice. Now I am pain free and loving it.

It gives me great joy to be in front of my students watching them strive and grow. I appreciate the diversity of students all with very different capabilities and needs. This ensures a rewarding and stimulating class environment.
In Jan 2019, I received my second 200 RYT in Hot Vinyasa.

Also in 2019, I went back to Shanghai and stayed 2 months to practice more yoga which made me realize the yoga postures they teach in Asia are very different compared to the US. I am happy to bring my knowledge back to the United States and help my students to explore different yoga postures to increase range of motion in different joints.

Tamara Rokicki

Tamara , also known as Luce Bianca, is one of Tampa Bay’s leading certified Sound Therapy, Vibrational Sound Therapy, and Yoga Meditation Practitioners. She uses crystal bowls and other instruments’ sound vibrations and frequencies to stimulate self-healing, deep relaxation, and pain relief in clients. She teaches Yoga Meditation and Mindfulness classes with certifications on the practice of therapeutic bowls on the body to create tone and harmony for healing.

Her clients experience an invigorating and highly transformative sessions to unplug from every day’s stress and tension in a holistic, safe practice. Currently, she facilitates Sound Immersions and Yoga Meditation in several studios and stores in the Palm Harbor area. Individual sessions are also available for clients looking to enjoy a more personal and customizable sound immersion experience. As a brand-new service that has been gaining popularity due to its effectiveness, she now offers Corporate Wellness workshops that include both Sound Immersion and Gentle Movement for those organizations looking to treat their staff and promote wellness in the workplace.

She also offers private booking, home parties, or corporate wellness workshops.

You can learn more about Tamara at or email her at

Jim Tabeau

Do your Shoulders Ache? Do you have insufferable Neck Pain? If you are an athlete, you may have aching feet, legs, hips, back shoulders, etc. Maybe you sit too much so your back and hips are beginning to hurt all the time.

Jim will help break up old scar tissue or just get moving without restrictions. MFR (Myofascial Release) & CST (Cranial Sacral Therapy) are the most effective Massage therapy treatments ever introduced, yet very few therapists practice them. Combining these therapies produces long term consistent results for shoulder/back pain, hip issues, Fimbromyalgia, sport injuries, work related stress/tension, runners issues and much more.

Aubrey Zakshevsky

Aubrey Zakshevsky grew up in Tampa, FL, and began studying dance at the age of 4. Aubrey graduated from the University of South Florida in 2014, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in dance, with a concentration in ballet. She went on to dance professionally with the Brandon Ballet, and later, Relevations Dance Company. Aubrey discovered barre fitness in 2016 and quickly became hooked. Barre fitness proved to be excellent cross-training for ballet, she credits it for her ability to continue to dance and perform today.  Aubrey earned her “Studio 3 Barre Instructor” certification in 2021. Aubrey’s classes focus on building strength while increasing length and mobility. Aubrey looks forward to imparting her love of barre to others and helping them reach their fitness goals.


“I love teaching fitness and finding fun ways to challenge and uplift people! It’s inspiring to work with people who set aside time to prioritize their own well-being. I know everyone leads busy lives, so spending even 1 hour with me is no small feat. I do my best to make sure that hour is a worthwhile investment. I love seeing the change from when students walk into class, exhausted and stressed, to when they leave feeling energized and accomplished. It’s a privilege to work with such driven individuals who show up and do the work. A little fun music never hurt either.”

Abril Poston

Licensed Massage, Chakra Therapist and Angelic Coach

I’m Abril Poston, I’m from Venezuela and I discovered that healing with my hands is part of my mission. I got introduced to the massage world in 2019 while I was living in Peru, leading me to get more involved in holistic health.

I like incorporating chakra alignment during massage sessions, so you could feel physically and energetically relieved. I’m also an Angelic Coach. During channeling sessions I connect with your spiritual guides to transmit the messages that they have for you.

Cheri Dean

A love of movement has stayed with me throughout life. I grew up in North Western Pennsylvania, where I studied ballet, jazz and acrobatics. Outdoor sports such as skiing, skating and biking were enjoyed as well. After college and children, my focus turned to Yoga and Pilates. Mindbody movement and fitness are my favorites. My career of 18 yrs was spent in Cincinnati OH. Teaching corporate and studio classes along with a wellness facility for children with special needs was a focus.
I look forward to sharing my passion and expertise with you in the near future.
  • FIT – Fashion institute of technology for cosmetic and toiletries marketing
  • Yoga fit- levels 1-4, yoga strength, seniors and children
  • Balanced Body Pilates-mat 1,2 Reformer 1,2 and apparatus
  • Melt method- hand, foot, and body 1 (fascia release technique)
  • Zumba gold

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