Lucy Gong

Growing up in Shanghai exposed me to a deeply spiritual part of my culture at an early age.
I believe my practice helps me stay grounded in those roots and spirituality.

In 2016 after moving to my new home in the United States I started my regular practice at Flow Hot Yoga in Vancouver WA. After a while Yoga Instructing became my primary focus. In June, 2018, I was honored to receive my first 200 RYT. This was a life changing event I will cherish forever.

I believe through my training and experience I have gained more insight into yoga and proper alignment through the 26 Bikram’s Hatha postures.

I am extremely excited and encouraged by the therapeutic benefits of yoga. The benefits of yoga on the knee’s, back, joint, and shoulder pain are measurable. I personally suffered from excruciating shoulder pain that lasted for years until I began regular Yoga practice. Now I am pain free and loving it.

It gives me great joy to be in front of my students watching them strive and grow. I appreciate the diversity of students all with very different capabilities and needs. This ensures a rewarding and stimulating class environment.
In Jan 2019, I received my second 200 RYT in Hot Vinyasa.

Also in 2019, I went back to Shanghai and stayed 2 months to practice more yoga which made me realize the yoga postures they teach in Asia are very different compared to the US. I am happy to bring my knowledge back to the United States and help my students to explore different yoga postures to increase range of motion in different joints.

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